Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Drop Kick a Leftist

There's a link everyone's posting to Facebook about the CBC and pro-wrestling. In the usual way of smug leftists, the clear suggestion is that stupid common folk like wrestling and that the CBC, even if it is a lot of dull crap, is favoured by intelligent people - who don't go in for that flashy low-brow stuff.

But if it's the really brilliant set who's watching CBC, why they can't pay for it themselves? Why must they use the taxing power of the state to confiscate wages from the simple-stupid wrestling fan, in order to keep their ratings-failure on the air?

The answer is, because they can. For all the drivel they mouth about fairness and equity, being a leftist is really about being a snob. They wouldn't pay taxes to fund your viewing choices, but they expect you to fund theirs. Because they think you're stupid and that they're better than you, they think they're entitled to your money.

So strike a blow for fairness, and drop kick a leftist.

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DP said...

You aren't posting enough.