Monday, October 11, 2010

Purple Day

Coming via email and facebook groups, there is an effort afoot to get a lot of people to wear purple on some particular date "To Commemorate the Suicides Caused by Homophobia".

On hearing of such tragic events, one questions the fortitude of the self-killers at issue. I am not aware, for instance, of a single spider killing himself owing to arachnephobia or a lot of foxy Japanese-American broads committing hara-kiri over the twin scourges of caligynephobia and xenophobia.

The Epilepsy Association people are going to be a annoyed. They've been holding a "Wear Purple Day" for years; not, as one might assume, to commemorate the suicides caused by hylephobia, but rather to raise awareness about epilepsy.

Apparently it hasn't worked all that well, probably because they picked such a sissy colour.

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