Friday, October 08, 2010

Don't actually watch this movie. It's very violent.

Sappy Urban Liberals often say that right-thinking people are mean. They say this with a straight face because they believe it. They believe a lot of stupid things.

It's true that People who Aren't Morons scorn the Warmist Mother-gaia Kooks because they're ridiculous, but as the ad above gives away, we're not the ones to suggest or play on their murder or the murder of their children.

Adults with the intellectual honesty and emotional stability of children are almost always leftist.

Once they get enough power under their little totalitarian belts, their hissy fits frequently turn murderous. Thank God they're only fantasizing about it yet.

I assure you, Dear Reader, that I am a nature lover. My children have all been diapered in cloth dried on a line. Composting is my hobby. I am not cool, but my gardens are. I have a reel mower. These are my bona fides.

But that man's activities are changing the climate is a dirty lie, unsupported by science. This lie has been promoted by depopulationists who are on Satan's payroll, for the purpose of promoting the hatred of Man which is the Devil's purpose.

Perhaps the saddest thing about it all, is that this lie has been swallowed by countless ordinary men of goodwill who, feeling the deep longing of the human condition, but unable to correctly identify it (owing to the failing of the Church in these terrible times) grab on to stupid and useless causes in place of the unfathomable greatness for which Man truly is made.

All the best sentences take up a whole paragraph.

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