Friday, July 03, 2009

Dependence Day

President Barack Obama, by Executive Order, Hereby decrees, July 4, Dependence Day. We HOPE! you enjoy the CHANGE!

May God Help America.

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Anonymous said...

As a Canadian, what say you about Obama and friends wanting to reform our health care?
To me, it's so obvious what is driving the town hall and tea party type protesters. Obviously I'm not the only one who doesn't welcome fast-moving, wholesale change. Some of us love the country we grew up in (it has already changed so much unfortunately) and don't want to live in Amsterdam or a clone thereof. We don't want to give up free speech which we enjoy more than other countries; we don't want even more people "on the dole" like England. We don't want to risk the medical opportunities and advances we bring to the world. Etc.