Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pire8: Make Piracy History

Rock legends Bono and Elton John today announced a concert series for the benefit of the Somali Pirates.

"I really believe what we're seeing here, root causes like, is just a consequence of dire shortages. So we're going to play some music, right, and then, we're going to have Sean Penn sail over in a big boat loaded with eye patches..."

"and condoms."

"...yes Elton, and condoms..."

"It can get lonely on a pirate ship you know."

"As I was saying. We're going to have this really big boat, which we hope the pirates will hijack and make use of. Er... of the eye patches, not, you know, of Sean"

"Not that there's anything the matter with that kind of thing."

"Ehm.. We really feel, that if we can deliver the needed supplies, these desperate men..."


"...may not be driven to these extremes. So join us for Pire8: Make Piracy History."

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