Friday, November 21, 2008

On leave

It happened in my kitchen the other day that I stumbled and spilled on the floor an entire bottle of gin.

I pondered the best method of recovery but being, as I was at that moment, bereft of tonic water, I could see no civilized and sensible way forward but to prepare a vodka martini right there on the linoleum.

As I finished pouring out a bottle of vodka, I realized to my terrific dismay that I'd no vermouth. I hastened at once to my goodly neighbour to enquire after a spot of it.

Moments later, vermouth in hand and feeling quite as jubilant as a French Youth who has just torched his first Citro├źn, I returned home to the heartrending sight of Missus Carriere having addressed the entire matter with her mop.

As you will imagine, Dear Reader, I am quite defeated.
Blogging will resume upon my recovery. In the meantime, the links, labels, and archives are not working.

Check next week.

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