Tuesday, November 04, 2008

O Bama Bama Ding Ding

Americans have freedom and marriages and guns and productive lives. Canadian liberals have none of these, mainly because they pride and define themselves as being Not Like Americans.

Cannucki Libs are, therefore, understandably reeling from the election of Big Bad Barry Obama. Because how do you keep being Not Like Americans if America is to have gun control, gay marriage, and socialist malaise too?

Some will see no way on but to turn conservative. Some will simply curl up in a ball and die. I'm looking forward to the ones whose heads will pop like flimsy balloons.


paramedicgirl said...

JD, I think we live on opposite sides of the country. Here in Vancouver, the media has been portraying Obama as the best thing to happen to America since they last looked in the mirror and saw their own socialist reflection.

Now the push is on - the media is gushing that if America can elect a president from a visible minority, then why hasn't Canada, a self-proclaimed multicultural country, elected a Prime Minister who isn't white?

It doesn't take long for what happens in the US to find its way across the border.

J D Carriere said...

Everything dumb libs believe about the world is based on the idea of America as Bad. They love internal contradiction, I know, still all this is bound to confuse them. Wait for it.

bearing said...

Please don't forget the most important thing we have: the First Amendment.

You guys should really get one of those. It kicks ass.

Human Rights Board ass, to be specific.