Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The New Gringo Dystopia

Remember when W won his second term and a lot of liberal Americans threatened to move to Canada? Any who did: Please go home now.

Which got me thinking, to fully enjoy the New Gringo Dystopia, what if all the Cannucki Libs go along too and sensible Americans flee to Canada?

'Course, commies being commies, they'll soon be running out down there of half-caf lo-fat soy lattes and toilet paper, and then Whoopie Golberg will try to defect, probably with Matt Damon in her carry-on.

So I'm thinking, a shiny new 'lectric fence all along the 49th with Sarah Palin as Head Northern Sniper.

Canada: Suddenly the Conservative Option. This could be okay.


crusader88 said...

Several of my conservative buddies are already contemplating the big move north o' the border. I wish I could join them.

But don't send all the Kerry fanatics back here! They would make for nice infidels in Muslim Europe.

Hershblogger said...

I left Canada in 1994, after 22 years. Bob Rae was Premier of Ontario.

Remember "Bob Rae days?"

Moving back doesn't seem like a bad idea.

Amy said...

Always thought that was a good idea - liberals move to the US, we'll move to Canada.

Win-win all around.

Quilly Mammoth said...

For most of us Yankee conservatives that would be a problem because the Democrats passed a new law that taxes 50% of your wealth if you try to ex-pat. However, having sensibly married a lass from Sudbury I can transfer everything to her if we decide to go North.

kanadienkyle said...

I came here 4 years ago to escape socialism. My friends have been commenting on the irony since last night.

EarlW said...

As a Canadian Libertarian, I constantly compare Canada with the USA. I still think that we are 'freer' than the Americans. The larger American population also means a larger number of rabid socialists. They have hundreds, we have Jack Layton. We hear a lot about the problems with our medical system, but we actually have a three tier system - Public, Money, Doctor friends. It works for me...
Even though we don't have Property Rights, we don't have decisions like Kelo either.
Remember, for many years, Stephen Harper was the head of the NCC, probably one of the largest pro-freedom organizations in Canada. I don't know if Obama or McCain can even spell Libertarian.

As far as I'm concerned, American Republicans will always be welcome here...

hobbes said...

I left Canada in late 1978... I said to myself if they are so dumb as to elect that sob Trudeau again then I am leaving. Trudeau got re-elected and true to my word I left. After nearly 12 years of good conservative government here in Australia they went and elected a Labor party (think of it like a combination of the Liberals & NDP). The new PM Kevin Rudd or Krudd is very similar to BHO. Smooth talker full of symbolism and spin, spin & more spin. After nearly 12months & doing nothing of significance even some of Australian MSM (who have been as biased as the US MSN) are starting to notice the emperor's new clothes for what they are. BHO has given alot of false hope to alot of people and it will be interesting to see what happens if/when he cannot deliver.

Arlie said...

I also left Canada in 1998 after completing med school and family medicine residency to avoid the fate of slave to Medicare. At the time Alberta politicians commenting in the media were saying good riddance to the large numbers of us leaving to the States.

The irony now is inescapable, however...

It is highly unlikely that Obama can socialize the US to anywhere close to what exists in Canada. Don't look for universal health care anytime soon - it would take many years, if ever. Hopefully not before I retire.

Taxes can go up a long way before catching up to Canada.

Conservatives will likely take control of congress in 2 years. Obama's welcome will wear thin.

The US now has a slightly pinker tinge whereas Canada, even with Harper at the helm, still glows bright pink.

I'll stay put, thanks.