Monday, November 10, 2008

Gentleman of the 70's, Black Death

Being myself a gentleman product of the 1970's, I have been successfully inculcated to never see race. That was why it shocked me so completely today when someone told me that Barry Obama is the first, get this, black president of the United States. Black, he meant, like a negro.

Up until then, I had always assumed the "black" part simply corresponded with the expected horribleness of his presidency.

Like the Black Death: death, only a lot worse.

As in, "FDR was really crap, but Barrack Obama is the first Black President of the United States". Anyway, I should have seen it. I mean, Barry. Barry White. Barry Obama. I should have seen it.

And now that I have, my eyes are open to a whole new world of people saying things they can't possibly believe. I was watching B.E.T. when the commentator said that with this election, "finally, America doesn't see color". Which besides calling into question the longer-term prospects of Black Entertainment Television, is also obviously completely false, and a positive stupidism.

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