Monday, November 03, 2008

Biodiversity, Poo, Shooting Bunnies

The Enviropagan Loonie starts from the position that Man and Beast are equal, that Man is no different from any of the other animals. Thus, Sir Paul McCartney may be found cavorting on Newfoundland ice floes but never steps of London abortuaries.

Animals, according to the Environpagan Creed, must be left, unmolested, to live according to their natures; ants to build hills, elephants to roam, and gulls to soil windshields.

Yet, if man and beast are equal, how can it be that when a polar bear eats a seal, he is restoring equilibrium, but when I whack one in the head, I make of myself an environmental villain?

And what if it is in man's nature to conceive of, manufacture, and employ the use of firearms? If then a man refraineth from shooting (bunnies, for instance) doth he not threaten, like, biodiversity or something?

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