Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Farts; Global Warming is Really Rather Marvelous: IV

The B.B.C. reports that sheep and cows fart and burp a lot.

Farts and burps contribute to methane emissions, so a study commissioned by the Australian government urges Australians to eat Kangaroo instead.

Although some researchers surmise that they just hold it until nobody is around, most zoologists accept that kangaroos, like pretty girls, simply do not fart.

All this anyway has to do with reducing global warming climate change. But it seems to me that if cows produce a deal of greenhouse gas, then wouldn't we all be doing our bit to Save the Glaciers by bringing just as many cows as we can manage to a premature, honey and garlic kind of death?

In fact, I ought to be getting me some carbon-offsets for each cow I eat, and the more cows we can breed, raise and eat, the better off the climate will be.

Isn't global warming marvelous?

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