Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Election Day

Today is election day. I offer my commentary on the results, as yet undecided, by republishing my comment on the last provincial election. Although this election is federal, I find it applies.

The Party of Dirty Statist Pigs ('A') beat the Party of Dirty Statist Pigs ('B') in Ontario's thirty-ninth general Election.

'Twas a landslide for Dirty Statists ('A'), although we the Decent Citizens of Ontario, victims of the landslide, find that when one is to be crushed in a shower of falling muck, one finds it largely immaterial which particular brand of filth it is under which one labours.

Hence the record low turn-out. Half did not exercise their vote.

This, despite extremely heavy propaganda from the Ministry of Dirty Statist Pigs To Prop Up the Appearance of Democracy to increase interest. "Don't let others speak for you" proclaimed the propaganda in newspapers and on television.

Ordinary Ontarians can be forgiven for wondering if, perhaps, a certain portion of Ontario's populace, and truly a similar part of mankind taken as a whole, would not be better almost all of the time to keep very quiet and positively encourage others to speak for them.

Despite being a popular maxim, it is a positive stupidism to suggest that there exist no people too stupid for voting. So it is that if half of people consider themselves unfit to vote, they ought to be left to it.

Nonetheless, the leftover stupid have spoken and the Party of Statist Pigs ('A') continues their rule. We are on the road to distopia. It is no time for a change.

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crusader88 said...

Are you ever pessimistic! I mean, nothing's going to get better if you don't at least try to get involved. If the Conservatives aren't good enough, doesn't Canada have a Christian Heritage party, albeit aimed at evangelicals?