Monday, September 29, 2008

Put on your Big-Boy Pants, Good Citizen

The shine is off. The Pollyanna set of the pro-life movement will be disappointed again by Canada's Prime Minster Harper, like Americans may be who hoped in Palin.

But we have made an oracle of a whoremonger, and we are fools to persist. Rather, let this be for us inoculation against what liberalism may yet infect our minds.

Do not look to the State. It is only a procurer; a pimp. A pimp purloins one to pander to another; it is not there for leadership. Don't look to it for answers.

Instead, let us remember, what we do not solve ourselves will not be solved. What culture we do not make will not be made. If we find public opinion to be misguided, we must be for it a guide. The State is not there for leadership.

It will not cure your ills. It will not keep you safe. It will neither educate your children nor care for your elders. It will not feed you. It will not clothe you. It will not be your guide.

Freedom beckons. Put on your big-boy pants, Good Citizen, and look to yourself.

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