Saturday, September 27, 2008

Concealed Carry, Freedom

The guy who got tossed from the Conservative Party of Canada for being conservative, writes:

Gun control: It doesn't work. There is no research that proves it does. The facts are clear, it increases crime. Simon Fraser University professor Gary Mauser finds that a year after the British obediently surrendered 160,000 legal handguns, London muggings were up 53 percent, gun murders up 90 percent and robbery up more than 100 percent. By the year following, annual gun crimes overall had risen 39 percent.

This pattern has continued. The rate of violent crime in England and Wales is more than double the United States. It is now more dangerous to walk the streets of London than New York.

On top of that, British Olympic shooting teams are now forced to practice their sport in another country! This is doubly absurd, for it discourages establishing positive role models for how firearms should be used.

In contrast, during the last decade, violent crime has dropped 40 percent in the United States as the number of firearms and states with concealed carry permits have increased.
How long can democracy survive under the current thought? Because, in the end, gun control, public schools, and public healthcare, anti-tobacco laws, and Human Rights Commissions all come back to the same stunningly illiberal idea: ordinary people can't be trusted to make the right decision. The State will do it for you.

They're even regulating your cable T.V. package. Or did you choose the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network yourself?

So why are we having an election? If you can't even be trusted not to shoot the coffee girl when she gets your order wrong, how can you possibly be clever enough to choose a government?

So, how long can democracy survive? Not long, I say. Let's just see.


Anonymous said...

Hasn't violent crime in Canada gone down by a similar significant percentage in a gun-controlled environment? Using your logic, does this not form an argument for gun control? Your logic is too simplistic to give any answer either way. While rise in rates of crime have increased in the UK much faster than in the US, the rates of crime in the US are much higher than in the UK. Again, using your logic of simple comparators of one indicator to explain a complex phenomenon, this means that gun controlled environments are "better". Before you accuse the other side of false logic, make sure that your own arguments hold water.

J D Carriere said...

I love this: "Before you accuse the other side of false logic, make sure that your own arguments hold water".

Let me be sure I understand. Your position is that Canada and the U.S. have experienced a similar decline in crime, so this is an argument in favour of gun control?

So, in your view, when prohibition produces results no better than freedom, prohibition is the way to go?

Nicholas D.C. Wansbutter said...

Actually, while overall crime in Canada has gone down, the statistics show that violent crime has in fact gone up in recent years in Canada.