Friday, September 05, 2008

Clinging to Guns and Religion

I cotched me a coon.

No, not like that. Gracious me. No need to call in the Human Rights Commission.

A raccoon.

I've been trapping cats in my garden because the worthless bureaucrats will charge me if I shoot them.

Shoot cats, that is, not bureaucrats. Bureaucrats are bad, but there's simply no proportion in shooting them.

When I drop a cat off at the S.P.C.A., the clerk asks if I mean to trap feral cats. Why of course, I say, what on earth else would be in my garden? Pets, I say firmly, are kept indoors.

But I think this fellow will make a fine hat and I wouldn't want a hole in the pelt anyway.

I've learnt a lesson. Shooting is only usually the answer. I feel a good Democrat today.

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crusader88 said...

I admire your democratic minimalism, though from the audacity those bureaucrats generally show there wouldn't be much blame in reserving the shooting- or at least the trapping- for them.