Sunday, September 21, 2008

Carbon Tax, Foxy Palin, Moonbat Imaginarians

Since few anywhere are talking about actually important issues, the Canadian election is duller than the American one simply because they have Sarah Palin and Sarah Palin is foxy.

But the Canadian election is the one here, so it seems worth thinking at least a little about.

One party proposes to replace the income tax with a carbon tax. Though I don't subscribe to this theory of the Moonbat Imaginarians concerning the Really Bad Awfulness of Carbon, I am inclined to support such an idea anyway.

The income tax proposes that since you have produced something, the State will have it. It has no legitimate claim to it, and no useful purpose for it, but the State will confiscate it anyway.

The income tax leads the good citizenry toward thinking that productivity, being punished, is best avoided. The State, as conceived in the socialist car wreck of Canada, owns everything, from your goods to your labour, to your mind.

But the much more honest carbon tax proposes that if you are even well enough only to exhale, the government will have its share.

And I am all for truth in advertising.

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