Monday, August 18, 2008

Success by any Measure

We gather to celebrate the tenth kiloday anniversary of the imposition of the metric system on the Canadian people. Though many of us opposed it at first, our eyes have been opened to the wondrous simplicity of Metric and her perfect round tens.

Gallons, cups, yards, and pounds are things of the past. We have left them behind to embrace the simple good order of metric.

Progress! Simplicity! Bureaucracy!

Ten cheers for metric!

No longer to labour under the byzantine complexities of butter by the pound and milk by the half-gallon, our eyes have been opened to the straightforward ease of milk by the one point eight nine litres and butter by the 454 grams.

Confounded by 12 ounce pop cans? I don’t blame you. Grab a 355mLs-er. Ah! Now That’s refreshment!

And when next you stop by your local watering hole, avoid asking the barmaid for a pint. A pint! Nobody even understands that convoluted gibberish anymore!

‘Round here, Laddie, we pour 59.147 centilitreses!


Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Despite that we started making the switch while I was in the fifth grade, I didn't learn metric until I went to pastry chef school and they told me that from now on, a pound of butter was 454 grams.

To this day, the only metric measurement I know.

All the baking trade in Canada still uses imperial because they work by volume recipes and baker's scales, a thing of prehistoric simplicity and durableness and an absolute necessity in the trade, are all in imperial measures having been manufactured to last in the Before Time.

crusader88 said...

Oh, I hate the Metric System!