Thursday, August 21, 2008

72 Virgins in a Cupboard

Ontario, among other jurisdictions, has lately imposed a ban on the retail display of tobacco products.

In practice, this has convenience stores hanging grey plastic flaps to cover the face of the shelving, creating little cigarette-holding cupboards.

We are told the idea is to protect children since, as every childless liberal will tell you, once children know you've hidden something from them, they aren't the least bit curious or interested in it.

As Ontario school-children anticipate their eighteenth birthdays, they speculate about what wonders await them inside what they're calling "the Magical Cupboard of Heavenly Delights". Rumoured to be 72 Virgins, whatever it is, it must be good.

In fact, Ontario's very stupid government is to be credited for implementing what may be the Most Effective Strategy Ever for selling smokes to kids.

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