Sunday, June 29, 2008


I'm enormously pleased with all the interest and incoming links generated by my post on Indecent Exposure.

Funny what brings the crowds. One thing is certain. A little areola action rarely disappoints.

Between these and the improved position of my link at Rorate Caeli, traffic is up. I hope it also has something to do with the writing, though Mark Steyn and Fr. Zuhlsdorf have yet to bite.

At any rate, I hope all these new visitors find something here worth returning to (er, besides areolae).

I can't decide quite what.

I am still also hoping for inquiries for the Gentleman's Response. Etiquette is so important. I had hoped to make it a series. Apparently, however, aside from errant bosoms, modern life is not so tough.

Also, I am finally about to publish the long-promised post Women's Suffrage is of The Devil, and, I think, something about American Cheese.


Histor said...

I beg you forgive us Americans for American cheese. It is a great misdeed of ours, although not as serious as, say, Hiroshima or Playboy.

As for the Gentleman's Response... what about "how to deal with someone using bizarre, warped, and mendacious modern vocabulary?" Not as titillating, but a legitimate subject.


Anonymous said...

How does a gentleman deal with a coworker whose only pursuit (aside from the job that he shares with the gentleman) seems to be striving for the title of “loudest, most redundant, and most irritating person in the office,” with a distinct knack for thinly veiled sycophancy, as well?