Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Obama Obummer, Satan's Wet Nurse

With choices slim but me being so very much a pro-choice sort of chappy, I am left hereby to declare my weak support for Barack Obama.

McCain has no character and I'm quite sick of supposedly-conservative political parties offering liberal bums and telling us Righthinkers we've no place else to go. I'll stay home before I'll vote for another one.

Hillary "Satan's Wet Nurse" Clinton would simply never have done.

So we have Obama. With America in the soup which ever way things go, Barack might just be bumbler enough to tear open the wound.

And if he's not the man for it, his good lady wife probably is. Let's get this thing underway already.

Recently, I had hoped to see The Ted Kennedy Deathbed Repentance.
Or, if not both, The Ted Kennedy Repentance.
Or, if not that, The Ted Kennedy Deathbed.

But alas.

Ted's supporting Obama too.


HJMW said...

Maybe Ted's hoping that Obama will lay hands on him and heal him.

James said...

what do you mean you're pro-choice?

J D Carriere said...

I mean, I am in favour of choices and not in favour of totalitarianism, particularly the fashionable leftist kind.