Tuesday, June 10, 2008

In Spite of Dungeon, Fire, and Sword

"But if I be asked what sign we may look for to show that the advance of the Faith is at hand, I would answer by a word the modern world has forgotten: Persecution. When that shall once more be at work it will be morning."

-Hilaire Belloc

Canada isn't a free country anymore. Last week, Alberta's Human Rights Commission, farcically so-called, ordered a Protestant pastor never again to speak or write his religious views on sexual morality.

The State has ordered him to abandon his religion and publicly, to embrace the Official Religion of the State.

It seems like bad news.

But good, I say. Before long now the State will bumble into a bishop with a pair fully functioning of those which are particular and unique to men, and the issue will be forced. The State will confiscate Church property and arrest members for holding to the Faith.

Now would be a good time for bishops either to retire or grow a pair.

And we may keep this in mind:
We are not welcome here. Official Canada is trying to stamp us out.

Screw 'em. Keep the Faith.

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TDC said...

Belloc?? Isn't he the distastful frenchman in the first "Indiana Jones" movie... I think so.