Thursday, June 12, 2008

Garbled Platitudes

I saw this in a public school the other day:

It says "Diversity Is The One True Thing We All Have In Common

In a school, where kids are supposed to be learning to think, they've hung this wildly illogical statement. Presumably the teachers pass it every day. Apparently nobody has said "what a lot of nonsense" and taken it down.

If you try, you can say things about unity in diversity that make sense, but spewing garbled platitudes is pretty important to Newfangled People, especially when you compare it to something all crazy and old fashioned like forming valid thoughts.

So they don't try.

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crusader88 said...

Hmm, and I had always thought that we shared 99+% of the same DNA, the ability to use language, and the ability to reason, although perhaps the last is an exception in state-run or the wimpier Catholic schools.

This is my kind of diversity.