Monday, June 09, 2008

The Diverse Tapestry of Nitwits

Khurrum again: Free speech...

"is really a far-right Republican argument that is being imported into this country."

Not conceding Mr. Awan's point, mostly because it is a stupid and false one, I wonder how it can be that when some groups import ideas into this country, mentioning it is a hate-crime, but when ever us far-rightists try it...

Whither tolerance?

To the Chattering Pinkopagans and the Multicult Twits I say:

The next time you're planning to enjoy the colourful tapestry of state-imposed multiculturalism, by picking up a curry and attending some weird diversity parade (or whatever it is you do) for a change, why not taste the rich flavour of conservatism?

Buy a gun. Say what you think. Pray.

Celebrate a little diversity, you closed-minded nitwits.

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