Friday, June 20, 2008

Bouncy Visitrix, Laundry

Saturday I hung to dry a load of laundry.

To do so, I am obliged to face my fence which at that point comes in height just to my chin, impossible not to see over. I was thus treated to the improbable display of my neighbours' pleasantly plump guest jumping on their children's trampoline.

I tried not to stare, stared a little anyway, and was at once relieved and more than a little sorry to have finished hanging the wash.

The bouncy visitrix, who used to live nearby, seems even on cold days to dress immodestly, though not flagrantly so.

In fact, her chosen outfit would be but typical of a girl ten years and twenty five pounds her junior. She may be, now that I think of it, labouring under the impression actually that she is ten years and twenty five pounds her junior.

I have never minded the result of her self-deception.

Even less on a trampoline.

I had tried to think of a moral message to tie to this story. I failed. Sometimes I am trying to be a better man. Sometimes I am just hanging out the wash.


crusader88 said...

Speaking of womens' dress, it was weird. I saw Mary Kate Olsen on the cover of Elle today- and she was dressed decently! I know!!

Jeff said...

Should 'bouncy' be spelt with an 'e'? said...