Thursday, May 29, 2008

Whale Farts

  • I hear we are running out of petroleum to run our cars

  • methane "contributes" to "global" "warming"

  • whales must fart an awful lot of methane

Clearly somebody needs to invent a car that runs on whale oil.


TDC said...

Imagine my suprise when I logged on to my favorite blog today, only to be be treated to an inquiry into my consumption of what might be referred to as spirits. According to my admitedly cloudy recollection, I believe the gist of the question went like this: Do you drink too (I'm sure this was spelled to) much wine??
After a great deal of consideration I have come to the conclusion that the only time my judgement is clouded by Bacchus is when I attend mass. Appologies to all those who require them, I don't mean it anyway.

TDC said...

It wuld appear that I do Consume too much wine seeing as the grammar of the question in question is actually correct. Sari.