Friday, May 23, 2008

Steyn, Recourse to Bourbon

If you have been paying attention, you will have heard that Mark Steyn has written a book. Some people have objected to it. I don't see why.

The premise of the book has it that with too many Europeans being dunderheaded, communistic, layabout, foolhardy, pantywasited pollyannas, too self-absorbed to breed or notice, Europe ought to expect some changes.

It seems reasonable enough, what with old folks tending to die.

Apparently, Europe has encouraged a lot of people to move there and fill the vacancies. While I know little personally about the people they've been bringing in, apparently some of these people object to the idea of themselves becoming dunderheaded, communistic, layabout, foolhardy, pantywasited pollyannas, prefering instead to live in some degree like they've been used to, following their own rules and customs.

Again, it sounds reasonable. I don't blame them. I should very much dislike it if my own sons turned out to be little Frenchmen. I expect reasonable people to discourage it.

That, too, seems to be the point. The replacements, by doing what people do, apparently have children while the Frenchmen who have nearly given up acting like humans, have almost no little Frenchmen of their own.

At any rate, one thing I do know about these replacements is that the drinking of alcohol is contrary to their religion. Let us only hope that the distilling and shipping to North America of alcohol is not. Otherwise, we shall be before long deprived of gin and Scotch, and reduced to Canadian whisky and tequila.

I shall have recourse to Bourbon, I suppose. Still, read the book. We might try yet to head this thing off.

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