Thursday, May 08, 2008

Steyn, Nutlessness, Foxy Complainants

The inquiries have been rolling in: What did Carriere make of Mark Steyn's appearance on The Agenda?

I thought the Muslim girl on the right was foxy.

I also found it interesting that these three just didn't get it. That is, I think the radical types Steyn quotes probably do get it. Certainly the "breeding like mosquitoes" Imam does.

But that would have made for a dull show:

Steyn: "What I think is blah blah. Heigh-ho.".
Norwegian Mullah Chap: "Well. Yeah".

It might still have ended with Steyn asking him to dinner, but maybe that had more to do with the doe-eyed Muslim lassies than any convention.

Anyway these three don't get it.

That was clear when Khurrum (the grumpy lad) ascribed to Steyn that "Muslims are breeding far too quickly".

If only Khurrum'd got past the prologue to the part where it says:

"Part I: The Gelded Age."

The book's about barren Europeans, not fertile Muslims. Muslims are only doing what people do, and with the usual frequency. It's the gelded Europeans who are gone wrong.

Having traded in our once-great culture for a pittance of porn and welfare, here we sit, nuts remov'ed, waiting to die.

And Khurrum thought the book was insulting to Muslims.

Silly boy.

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