Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Self-googling, Best of, Disclaimer

I apologize to my regular readers for taking up so very much space with the troubles in Canada. Civilization collapsing around you is bothersome. You understand.

But while I post about it, I urge you to busy yourself in the greener pastures of posts gone by.
These are the best ones:

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Poo, Tobacco, and the Wisdom of Burt Bacharach (or, Nobody Likes a Chatty Damnus)

On Farts and Christian Marriage

Summa Alcoholica

The Index of Forbidden T.V. Shows

I note furthermore that I have been getting a steady stream of visits related to my use of the phrase "Muneeza Sheikh is one fetching bird" and "foxy".

By foxy, I mean in the sense of being enchanting, not foxy in the sense of being cunning. Not that anybody anywhere either individually or collectively is given to taking things the wrong way. No siree. And not that being foxy, in the sense of being enchanting, is important in any way to the value or worth of women who are, both in practice and in theory, in every respect, equal to men. And ugly chicks are every bit as worthy of consideration as the hot ones. Yep. Ugly chicks can be firemen or doctors or fishermen too if they want to.

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