Friday, May 09, 2008

See? Foxy

I understand how disappointed we all are that NannyStatism is becoming out-and-out totalitarianism a mite quicker than we'd hoped, but can we try to focus?

How is it, do you suppose, that all these bloggers at all these press conferences failed entirely to mention the very germane fact that Muneeza Sheikh (right) is one fetching bird?

Kathy? RightGirl? You are supposed to have an eye for these things.


RightGirl said...

Sorry. We were too focused on figuring out what Mr. Awan was muttering to himself. Have you seen the video over at Kathy's?


J D Carriere said...

I wouldn't trouble about his muttering. Considering what Mr. Awan speaks aloud, I can't imagine the muttering is worth much.

I doubt that he's keeping his very best thoughts to himself.