Thursday, May 01, 2008

Prostates, Prostitutes, Academics, Coffee

Facts demonstrate an ongoing decline in boys' academic success. Girls enroll at university in much greater proportion than boys, and boys fail to complete high school in much greater proportion than girls.

Conclusions about these facts generally point to a systemic prejudice in public schools against boys behaviour patterns and modes of learning.

I just doubt it.

I think that with high school girls now ubiquitously dressed as prostitutes, high school boys do not focus on their studies so make poor grades.

That, and public schools, like public everything else, don't work all that well.

Whatever the cause, one inevitable outcome is that in a very little while the great majority of medical doctors will be women. Considering prostate examinations, I cannot decide if I think this an improvement. Surely by then they will have stopped dressing like prostitutes.

Now a study has concluded that one in four young Canadians are overqualified for the job they are doing.

Schools, it seems, encourage students to be trained for jobs they cannot get, and discourage them from training for good paying jobs they could. Thus dissuaded from anything so lowly and menial as a skilled trade, they work in coffee houses instead.

Public Schools: Our Best Investment.

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Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

I have always hated going to female doctors. Even before I started understanding the innate weakness of women in the kinds of intellectual functioning that are required to make a good doctor. They fail to be good doctors on that score, but so obsessed are they with becoming a doctor despite being female, that they have subordinated all the natural feminine virtues that might in some way compensate for lack of scientific competence. They are denuded creatures living unnatural lives.

And they're usually quite nasty.

Prostate huh? I don't want them touching me on the wrist to take my temperature.