Thursday, May 29, 2008

French People Aren't So Bad

Because some of them make baguettes. And cheese.

Saint Louis IX was French. Granted, he's been dead for eight hundred years but I'll bet there's been somebody decent since. Look at that Lourdes thing. That's less than two hundred years ago.

And somebody voted for Sarkozy. He seems okay. I hear he's Hungarian.

Brigitte Bardot. There you go. Notwithstanding opposition to the seal hunt. Oh, and the stuff she's been saying about Muslims. We sure don't hold with that. We wouldn't even think it, even if we did. The Canadian Government says it's illegal to think and we aren't about to think anything that's not Officially Permitted.

Forget Brigitte.

Sophie Marceau. Now she's a bit of all right. She's not related to that Marcel weirdo, is she?

France: not just mimes, surrender, and Pepé Le Pew. No sir. France is okay in my books.

This piece runs in settlement of my own potential human rights complaint against myself. It serves to mitigate the possible perception of an editorial slant against France and the French, not admitted but expressly denied.

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