Friday, May 30, 2008

Fie on Big Government

"For instance, people who live in remote and rural areas don't have the same access to telephone hotlines and group or individual counselling as people in urban settings."

"Most smokers want to quit, but access to help (is) not universally available".

Conversely, dozens of delicious brands of cigarettes are universally available. Menthol too.

Private industry always does it better.


Mitchell Bond said...

I love how everyone assumes that most smokers want to quit, but are too addicted too do so with any success. And you can't argue with these people, because they assume that anyone who would argue in favour of smoking is just a junkie that needs feeding. I think their argument is flawed simply because they fail to allow the necessary contingency of its being falsifiable.

If I ever have the urge to pass up a fine cigar or a bowl of pipe tobacco then I will commit myself to the nearest sanitarium.

How could I abandon my fellow brothers of the leaf?

crusader88 said...

I do not smoke, but my father is another proud smoker, so this is very convenient. He has always joked about moving to Hudson Bay, most of which is quite rural, I believe.