Friday, May 30, 2008

A Cold One and The Holy Rosary

As Canadians expect an election, anyway, within a year, we consider election issues and voting strategy.

Right thinking conservatives who vote for the Conservative Party, so called, don't really expect it to work out. We're like Lindsay Lohan checking into rehab. We do it anyway. Over and over.

It's getting so the only issue left for me is taxes.

Seeing as, one way or 'tuther, I'm going to live out my days under the jackboot of OmniRegulating, PeaceNiking, NewSpeaking, AnythingHumping, BabyKilling, SoulDestroying, ThinkStupid nannystatism, I'd at least like a few bucks left over for a six pack and a nice Pastrami with Swiss on grilled Rye.

Who needs God-given freedom when you've got a sack of Corned Beef on Kaisers? Just leave me a cold one and the Holy Rosary. I'll be okay.

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