Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Totalitarian Piggery, Mini-skirts

Here I am, trying to have a cheery little blog about smoking tobacco, drinking strong spirits, and exposing perfectly delightful freemasonic plots to overthrow the natural order, when along come a lot of filthy communists to mess things up.

I had planned these weeks for a nice round of posts on Global Warming, the Trouble With Middle-Classiness, Tea, and a little biting commentary on girls in mini-skirts and, perchance, high heels.

Imagine my dismay when, under the soft totalitarianism gripping my dear beleaguered Canada, I have felt compelled instead to write posts on what are being called, incredibly, "human rights commissions".

If you haven't been paying attention, well, Google.

At any rate, it annoys me. I had been looking rather forward to the mini-skirts.

So I have written to the Prime Minister requesting at least that the Canadian Human Rights Commission be renamed the Department for Censorship, Propaganda, and the General Supression of Liberty and Thought.

It isn't the totalitarian piggery I mind nearly so much as the Orwellian totalitarian piggery.

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