Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sirens, Marvelous Global Warming

Latterly in a shopping mall, admittedly no place for the Catholic Gentleman wishing to preserve innocence, I was confronted by the sight of two young women who, whether habitually or only for the particular day, eschewed both skirt and trouser. These opting instead for briefest strips of fabric that could not properly be called garments.

Also party was a gent in the employ of an armoured car service.

Lured, as it were by Sirens, he obligingly ran aground his coin-laden cart on a manequin display.

Amused, and frankly relieved it was him and not me, I said "So then, I guess it's springtime."

"Almost!" He spoke his stock answer cheerily. But shortly grasping my meaning, observing his fallen cart, and casting a more subdued glance at the two young women, he muttered "Oh. Yeah. I guess it is".

Do not suppose, Dear Reader, that I have given up propriety and am telling a gratuitous story only in order that I may engage in unseemly reminiscence. Nay, not only, for though the one mini was blue and the other a soft shade of pink, I hasten with utmost decorum to my point.

One can see most plainly the shocking effects of this First Skin of Spring. Each year, as warmer weather puts to flight both winter and sufficient fabric, the deep social, spiritual, and economic cost is realized.

If only a climate of more regular warmth could be attained, say, a kind of global warming, maybe the skin-shock to the unhabituated system could be avoided.

Alas we have come off the coldest winter in four decades. But to point this out is to risk being labelled a Global Warming Denier. There is no excuse for truth.

So I, ever one to shrink from controversy, have seen the light. The Science is Settled and it's time to celebrate. No longer a denier, I am reborn an enthusiast, a Global Warming Enthusiast.

But having a devil of a time seeing trouble in global warming, I greet the future joy. In the coming days and weeks I invite you to do the same as I post On Why Global Warming is Really Rather Marvelous.

Do come 'round for it.

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