Monday, April 07, 2008

Fatsos, Liberals, and Thugs

Lest optimism overcome you, Dear Reader, upon reading my most recent entry alas the NannyStatism has resumed. We are not only being lead by liberals. We're being lead by the stupidest ones they could find.

Don't think for yourself. The State has matters in hand.

Toronto's Lord Mayor David Miller, as commie as you like, today renewed his effort to see handguns banned.

One need only observe our prisons to know the quality of this solid liberal plan.

Erstwhile murderous thugs, once deprived of firearms, quickly busy themselves with flower arranging and peaceable handicrafts, like cross-stitch and decorative shank-making.

With a similar bit of NonThink, to combat Ontario's problem of too many fat kids, the provincial N.D.P. party is calling for a ban on television advertising of food products to children.

See, when your kids sit in front of the T.V. for hours on end eating the snacks you buy them, they see a lot of commercials for food. That's what's making them fat.

Spouting irony like you just can't make up, the bill's sponsor, Rosario Marchese, hastens to point out that it's "very difficult for (children) to make intellectual distinctions".

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Anonymous said...

It seems children are not the only ones who make intellectual distinctions with difficulty.