Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dear China,

We sure appreciate the whole Tibet thing. What a diversion! You wouldn't believe it though, lately, we snatch away a little property rights, freedom of conscience, religion, association, and the press, and things get hairy.

We thought we owned the press, but even the Toronto Star is writing against us. And that Rex Murphy? You'd think a decent haircut was a Human Right.

Anyway, we were thinking, if you had a few spare spare students to toss under some tanks again, we'd be grateful. It would really take the heat off us.

Not to worry. We won't rule against you. We'll say it's, like, cultural. It hasn't really got to make sense. The whole thing's rigged anyway.

With every good wish We remain,
Extortingly and intimidatingly yours,

Your Comrades in Canada's Human Rights Racket.

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