Friday, April 11, 2008

Positive Living, Alfalfa, The Clap

In a foreword written some years after his book was first published, Aldous Huxley discusses what he would write if he were to rewrite Brave New World with the benefit of years and of hindsight.

I would offer the Savage a third alternative. Between the utopian and the primitive horns of his dilemma would lie the possibility of sanity
It is this possibility of sanity that interests me.
Like the Savage, so many of the good people I meet are living their lives in reaction to the distopia we are now presented.
"There's nothing on TV but porn and violence. we got rid of our TV and little
Billy's not allowed to visit friends who have one."
"Have you seen what the girls are wearing to school? If it weren't for all the stabbings and shootings to distract him, I just don't know how Little Billy could ever keep his thoughts pure. We're just going to have to homeschool."
"Supermarket food is full of hormones and pesticides. We eat only ancient whole grains and free range chicken fed on organic alfalfa grass."
Stabbings, shootings, pornography and pesticides truly are things best avoided, but has it really come to this? Is there no positive living left? Are decisions now made not to obtain the good but only to dodge the bad?

Could we not homeschool to promote family unity, an integrated perspective of the world and human work and, perchance, academic excellence?

Could not the television go unused because there are walks to take, cards or parlour games to enjoy, and bourbon over which to giggle?

Living in careful reaction to the world is still to be mired in it. We are under siege, to be sure, but there is simply no cause to act like it.

Or if all this is gone, how much longer can it be before we marry, not for the overflowing goodness of Holy Matrimony, but only because those darn hookers will give you the clap?

Update: Clap Redux

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Hugh said...

Negativity and Positivity, love and hate, go together. As someone intelligent wrote, we cannot love the good unless we hate the evil that is opposed to it.