Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Stupidisms 1

"To justify the extravagance" Verb. Stupidism.

A man said to me "But could you justify the extravagance?".

"I should say not Sir, for it is the very nature of extravagance to be unjustified. That which you have justified is no extravagance at all, but a mere expense.

"An expense should be justified. An extravagance proposes only to be enjoyed.

"Perhaps you mean "could I justify the expense?" but if expense is what you mean then expense is what you should say. It does no good to speak a sentence that means something other than what you want it to mean, even if it does come with a lot of smarty-pants-sounding extra syllables.

"Now then, if you please, I have some absurdly-priced Scotch Whisky to attend to. I do not intend to justify it. I intend to drink it. Here endeth the lesson. Good day."

quoth I.

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M. Alexander said...

This reminds me of a quote by Chesterton, "We can do without the necessities of life. It is the luxuries that we cannot do without."

Ah, a man who understood human nature.

Mary Alexander