Monday, August 06, 2007

Traffic, Ham, Diversity

Ever since I posted the Index of Forbidden T.V. Shows, my stat counter shows a steady stream visitors from the Middle East. They come by googling Forbidden T.V.

It is a little disconcerting that yesterday a reader in Britain came here by the same route.
In related news, my neighbourhood Masonic Lodge, lately sold, has been turned into a mosque.

To me, this very funny.

But if I was lacking a really indisputable demonstration of the Great Success that is the Canadian Experiment, it came to me yesterday at less than a mile per hour, snarled in the traffic for Caribbana: Toronto's Caribbean fest.

It may have been the sequins or it may have been the feathers, or it could have been the ample female revellers trussed into their back-lacing summer tops like unalluring tied hams. Whatever the cause, I was downright flushed with Official Multiculturalism.

I turned up my radio - Billy Joel Greatest Hits Volume I - and kept time by blowing a whistle. Then, when at intervals I called out "Jump! Jump! Jump!", truly, I felt I was in the Islands, mon.

It was all very poignant. When the fellow in the car with spinning chrome rims turned down his music in order to inquire after my mental wellness, I just knew we were celebrating diversity.

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