Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Clowns to the Left of me, Jokers to the Right

Steve at Catholic Restorationists has written a piece on Harry Potter. Responses to this question are almost always weird and ridiculous.

On the one side, like Shea, we get dismissal as hysteria any criticism of these books. Comparisons to C.S. Lewis and Tolkien usually follow, ignoring the important difference that they knew what they were talking about.
On the other we have stories of children who read these books, poked their mothers in the eye and ran off to eat kittens.

But here, Dear Reader, is where you come for balance. This is where the sense is made. True answers are simple answers.

I left this comment.
Isn't it enough to say that a person with only the usual modern sense of good and evil has no ability to write useably - especially for children - on these themes?

Like a manual for a rocket-launcher written by a cheesemaker, a thing has not got to be intentionally misleading or intrinsically evil to be a really bad idea to read.


Christine said...

Spot on. How strange that some actually spend their doctoral theses analysing Harry Potter.

J D Carriere said...

Not so strange. Universities are hotbeds of dough headedness. See my post on Transitive Verbs and Winnie the Pooh.