Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Catholic Restorationists

I have been meaning to link to the Catholic Restorationists site. I have also been meaning to try out this method by which I post here via email. I'm doing both now.

I have been meaning, furthermore, to contribute to the Catholic Restorationists site. Two out of three, quoth the immortal Meatloaf, ain't bad. Have I used quoth correctly there? I fear not. See the post before the one before this one.

The trouble, one anyway, is that I am not even posting here with any regularity. Or, if I am, it is not stuff the likes of which I could claim to be a Relentless Crusade for the Restoration of Authentic Catholicism. See, as relentless crusaders go, I'm fairly relent-full. Perhaps next week I shall feel a little more Teutonic.

I do note, however, that on the Restorationist site, clicking on the humour tag yields the message "you are looking for something that isn't here".

Not here, you say? Then where?

There simply must be at least a little laughter and good red wine in it. If God had intended us to be dour and joyless, He would have created us Calvinists.

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