Saturday, December 02, 2006

Not Quite the glee of Tainted Quiche

A fan of an activity is concerned mainly with observing other men engaged in that activity. I have been a fan of politics and for the same reason I have been a fan of fistfighting. That is, I would expect to dislike the consequence of joining in.

This weekend has been a time for fans of politics in Canada. But I have not been following the match. The match in question, you see, has been to decide who will lead the federal Liberal Party of Canada. In this I am hardly a fan since I expect to dislike the result even of simple observation.

Because truly, Good Reader, absent a natural cataclysm on the very spot, or a mighty gas leak and fortuitous strike-anywhere match, or a great bunch of tainted quiches, what good can come when a lot of liberals get together?

By all accounts leading into the thing the race was between a barely-reformed marxist and a most distasteful academic. Both lost. Alas I do not know how because I was not paying attention. I regret that a little bit now. By no means do I greet this with the unbridled joy and giddy celebration which the aforesaid quiche mishap or well-aimed typhoon would have elicited, but it is not without pleasure for me.

I am, in any case, completely at a loss to comment on the victory of one Stephane Dion. I don’t even know what the man stands for. But liberals stand for very little of anything outside the latrine and never anything virtuous, so I expect not to like him.


paramedicgirl said...

I don't expect to like him either. But the Muslims will. I read a news report I think it was where 5 young Muslims were praying for him to win.

crusader88 said...

Oh well; I bet Stephen Harper will rout them like the Sun King at Denain. Canada has had too many bad politicians...they're bound to get lucky soon.

Canuck said...

Hello Carriere;

Found your blog while reading your responses to Stu regarding the 'Natural Condom' post at The Daily Brouhaha. I was mightily amused.

As for paramedicgirl, 5 Muslims don't represent the thousands of Muslim voters across Canada. Actually, I'd say the Muslims are weary with the Liberal party considering the Sponsorship Scandal. Most would prolly vote Conservative if they felt the party would at least *pretend* to address their needs.

But I'm very interested in seeing how things will turn out...

J D Carriere said...

Canuck, I'm pleased to hear it and I thank you for saying so.

bearing said...

Are you sure they stand in the latrine?

J D Carriere said...

I am not sure, Erin. I know almost nothing of liberals' personal habits and I like it that way. But it would not suprise me to hear that they, like the sissies they intend all men to be, sit to discharge their, er, duty, as it were.

Anonymous said...

Seen your comments about the place so thought i'd check out the blog itself!
Maria in the UK

Jeremy said...


Congratulations for your fine blog.

Like you, I also want to know as little as possible about Liberal's personal habits. I must admit though, that it's a bit of a challenge as in our good Canada every Liberal's private fancy, practice, or vice tends to be turned into a public policy position. If no one's buying, then they're turning into court decisions.

Kind Regards,