Friday, December 01, 2006

Medicalized Birth is of the Devil

Some months back now, I wrote that I meant to post on why organic food, medicalized birth, and women’s suffrage are each and all of the Devil. Organic food having been duly denounced a month ago, I move on.

I thought it best to do medicalized birth first, and then to post on women’s suffrage. This to better annoy people who need annoying. I mean to lure in the hippies and feminists and weirdos with a nice talk about natural childbirth and then wallop them with the suffrage thing.

Or so I hope. But to the topic.

In discussing medicalized birth it is not my purpose to contest the usefulness of scientific advancement. Emergencies can occur that demand health-preserving and lifesaving measures. This I do not dispute.

But that no urgent necessity drives the great majority of medical interventions preformed on normal birthing mothers is also well documented. I mean not to discuss this either.

I do not here advocate recourse to witchdoctors or quacks, neither the chanting of hindoo or like mantras nor the beating of bongos on mountainsides, or off.

Women seem to bear guilt for all class of reason and unreason, especially as concern those topics as birth, breastfeeding, and whatnot near to their tender hearts. As such, I hasten to add that I, being a gentle and kind chap, do not mean here to accuse or to burden additionally.

What aims are not mine being thus clarified, I move to the purpose of the work. I mean to expose medicalized birth as a tool of darkness that binds mothers and fathers to dangerous patterns of thought and behaviour that undermine the Family from its earliest and most defenseless time.

Natural childbirth improves rates of success in breastfeeding. Birthing demonstrates to a woman the perhaps hitherto unimagined depth of her abilities and to her husband the completeness of her reliance, and the child's, upon him. These, among other things indicate that birth is designed by nature to solidify a marriage and set parents on the path of successful parenting. God's plan tends to work rather well when you keep from messing with it.

Conversely (brilliant lights and stainless steel aside) induction of labour, medication for pain, constant electronic fetal monitoring, and such, cannot help but indicate to a mother that she is not especially well equipped to birth her baby. " 'best leave it to the experts, Luv". So it goes.

Worse still, parents who undergo all this are often left full of gratitude for the intrusion. If stories are to be believed, nearly every birth involves a crisis that necessitates a medical intervention, so faulty is the plan of the Almighty.

When a mother has been convinced she is not the slightest bit able to handle this most primary function of motherhood, will she not consider herself inadequate for the rest? Correspondingly the father is unimpressed by his wife’s apparent ineptitude and cowed by his own uselessness.

Can we be surprised then, when parents are thence so willing to hand over their children to the supposed experts? Indeed one Canadian Minister of the Crown went so far as to say that parents who do not dump their children in state-run day care are akin to parents who will not take a sick child to the doctor.

In this unfortunate era when ostensible experts propose to expropriate our children through day-care, ruin their purity through immoral sexual propaganda, and cripple their intellects through shoddy state-run education, we ought not to begin in a way apt to persuade us that these are good things.


James said...

good post, John. well done. and thanks for putting me on your bogroll.

bearing said...

I'm with you on this one.

Ruralist said...

I totally agree. Very well said. My home birth was so empowering, it was transormative. It felt like something my husband, myself, and our daughter (being born) all did together. What a feat!

LJ said...


cranky said...

Help me out with this: no hospital unless an emergency? how about midwife? don't emergencies arise unexpectedly? how about those who live in country?

This makes sense to me, but I have trailings of propaganda swirling around.

Daughter of St. John said...

And so yet another strong voice for allowing VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section). Looking forward to your post on suffrage John.

J D Carriere said...

Cranky, you've made a leap of logic not supported by the text. I did not mention hospitals or midwives and I am not aware of any absolute connection between either and unnecessary intervention.