Friday, October 27, 2006

Viva El Novus Ordo!

Good news this week from the banana republic that is Newfangled Catholicism.

But does it seem odd to anybody else that while there are absolutely no circumstances in which a layman is permitted to purify a chalice, there are, in the apparent view of the Vatican, countless circumstances in which he is justified in groping the Sacred Species?

Is it too much to hope for a little congruity?

I’m just asking.

How does it go again? "A house divided against itself is juuust fine!"

"What contradictions? It's, like, a New Springtime! Let's clap for a while and then, we'll hug!"

1 comment:

James said...

hey man cool it on the happy clappy slapping. I hug and I clap. and I say 'Praise the Lord' too. Maybe you should try it - might even do you some good - loosen up that lemon-sucking face-like-a-cats-arse expression of yours ;o)