Friday, October 13, 2006

Uncommon Sense

This is where I fool myself for a moment that I have readership that the Cornell Society does not. If such a one exists, I direct you to this.

It neatly makes the point I took three posts to do a wee while back, and ruins (again) the postconciliar method of inventing a black cloud for every bit of preconciliar silver lining:

"I often think of the businessmen who, in the time before the council were the primary attenders of those famous "22 minute" low Masses -- often made so short so those men could catch a train to work, or in some other way move speedily to the next duty in their state in life. These are mocked as the worst of the old way, but to my mind they show how the priests and people of the unruined Catholic culture of those days understood something that our experts cannot: that those men were *at daily Mass* and wanted to make it a part of their daily lives in a way that few can, or wish to, today."

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