Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Organic Food is of the Devil

"Lord, we don't need another meadow
There are cornfields and wheat fields enough to grow"
More wisdom from Burt Bacharach, because I like a good theme now and then.

The Jesuits of Guelph, Ontario run an organic farm. This right here tells you something is amiss. Remember:
If Jesuits are doing it, it is unwholesome.
Not every single time, I know, but close enough. Let us resolve never to let exceptions get in the way of rules. Otherwise before long we will end up running around like some neutered modern numbskull saying foolish things like "it's not black and white!" and calling evil things "nuanced" and believing it.

Organic farming produces somewhere in the area of forty percent less food than conventional methods would on the same space. So with forty percent less food coming off the land we are left to decide whether to make up the difference by cutting down forests for farmland, or to starve people.

Neither is the kind of cause much to help leftists with their fundraising (although, come to it, I suspect they would rather starve a child than cut down a tree. Cutting down trees is, to the pinko-pagan, really, really bad). This, of course, is one more bit of evidence that loathsome communists (such as make up the greater living part of the Jesuits and the Left at large) are utterly unable to think through anything at all. In turn, it explains why they can't ever say sensible things and so often find themselves frustrated and angry instead.

Moreover this is why organic food is of the Devil. It opposes God's first commandment: Be fruitful and multiply. It supports the depopulationists' myth that there are not sufficient resources to go around. Good people will not want to participate.


hilary said...

"If Jesuits are doing it, it is unwholesome."

Hah! I had exactly that thought this morning about our earstwhile Minister of Justice Irwin Cottler. He was talking about a court decision in which some part of the terrorism law had been struck down and he was saying what a great advance this was.

Instantly I knew that this decision was a disaster for Canadian efforts to stop terrorist groups from working on our soil. Not because I knew anything about the law, but on the thus far rock solid grounds that if Irwin Cottler liked it, it must be bad.

James said...

John, this is really the most stupid thing you've written in a long time. i won't even bother to argue with you.... just don't do it ever again.

J D Carriere said...

You're going to have to do a little better than that, James, otherwise I'm likely to suspect you are a frustrated and angry leftists who is unable to say something sensible. Let's have it. What's troubling you?

M. Alexander said...

"Organic farming produces somewhere in the area of forty percent less food than conventional methods would on the same space."

When the Communists confiscated the cooking vessels of the chinese people and eradicated private property I wonder if it also resulted in a 40% reduction in food grown?

Different method. Same end.

Good call.