Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ

I had thought to begin by saying I am not a Fatima Nut . Then it seemed strange. After all, I would not think to begin by saying I am no octogenarian; or not a postman; or I am not a teetotaller. In fact, the only reason I can readily think of that a man would start out by saying what he is not is that he really was but didn’t want to let on.

But for Fatima Nuts, octogenarians, postmen, and teetotallers, I have only the greatest sympathy; in the sense of commiseration as concerns the first three and in the sense of pity as concerns the last. While I heartily recommend tea as part of a well-considered plan of fluid intake, I fail entirely to understand why a body would voluntarily subscribe to so plainly depraved a creed as teetotalism.

So on the issue of Fatima Nuttery I need not offer an opinion. The reader will doubtless decide himself to which genus of nut I am allied. But these are matters for a different day.

At any rate I think almost never of Fatima, and yet I was thinking of it lately, the “errors of Russia” in particular. I was kind of wondering what was meant by the phrase. After consideration, to summarize, it would seem the encompassing error of Russia was to suppose itself, the state, on top of the great heap of the universe, able and free to do anything.

What does a society in the grip of these errors look like, and how far has it spread?

Would such a state, like Germany these recent weeks, suppose itself entitled to impose indoctrination on children against the will of their parents? Would it, like my own beleaguered Canada, suppose itself even able to rejig nature and reinvent the family? Other examples abound.

Clearly these regimes and the cultures under them have lost perspective. They show signs of getting worse. Getting worse, much worse, is the only course for one who cannot see the only real fixed point.

The solution is before us this Sunday.
[P]eace could not be more effectually restored nor fixed upon a firmer basis than through the restoration of the Empire of Our Lord.

[T]ruly the whole of mankind is subject to the power of Jesus Christ. Nor is there any difference in this matter between the individual and the family or the State; for all men, whether collectively or individually, are under the dominion of Christ.

It would be a grave error… to say that Christ has no authority whatever in civil affairs

With God and Jesus Christ… excluded from political life, with authority derived not from God but from man, the very basis of that authority has been taken away…The result is that human society is tottering to its fall, because it has no longer a secure and solid foundation.

The rebellion of individuals and states against the authority of Christ has produced deplorable consequences. …the seeds of discord sown far and wide; those bitter enmities and rivalries between nations, which still hinder so much the cause of peace; that insatiable greed which is so often hidden under a pretense of public spirit and patriotism, and gives rise to so many private quarrels; a blind and immoderate selfishness, making men seek nothing but their own comfort and advantage, and measure everything by these; no peace in the home, because men have forgotten or neglect their duty; the unity and stability of the family undermined; society in a word, shaken to its foundations and on the way to ruin.

We firmly hope, however, that the feast of the Kingship of Christ, which in future will be yearly observed, may hasten the return of society to our loving Savior.

It would be the duty of Catholics to do all they can to bring about this happy result.

Therefore by Our Apostolic Authority We institute the Feast of the Kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ to be observed yearly throughout the whole world on the last Sunday of the month of October .

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crusader88 said...

You chose the wrong example nation: Holland is the pit most steeped in these errors! Remember, Peter the "Great" (he melted church bells to cast more cannons and ammunition) visited, and was much influenced by, the United Provinces: hence the errors of Russia!