Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Charity and big fat Stupid Heretics

Hilary is jubilant. She has been noticed by Michael Higgins.

But I noticed something else.

Dr. Higgins in the Catholic Register:

There is a new and disturbing rise in aggressiveness among those who fashion themselves the defenders of orthodoxy... The first casualty is charity. ...there has been an increase in the spitefulness ...this accelerated trend to monitoring and denouncing should be deplored by all who genuinely care for the community of faith.

...Increasingly in our society people are lamenting the decline of courtesy and many groups are struggling to restore civility to social discourse. Perhaps as Catholics we can lead the way.
Dr. Higgins in the Toronto Star:
The egregious stupidity of this theologically handicapped and artistically illiterate pastor continues to dumbfound me these many, many months later.

Quite so.

Then help us, Dr. Higgins, to know. Lead us on to courtesy, you charitable chappy of chappies! Are you a hypocrite, a fool, or a knave, or can you think of something else? What is the most charitable conclusion?

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