Tuesday, September 12, 2006

What I was getting at...

... in that last post. Hilary's laid it out. She has a knack for that:

An entire generation of people who, every Sunday, go to churches with the name "Catholic" on the door, cannot even remember what the Faith is or never knew. Even when they want to know about it and go to a lot of trouble to find out it is impossible to reproduce the kind of Catholic mentality our fathers enjoyed.

However it was done, the deep culture of the Catholic religion that used to be the structural framework for our psyches is lost. We are ourselves modernists, post-modernists, and secularists in our assumptions, outlook and desires. Someone famous once said, "We're all socialists now," because the socialist idea is the one our entire economic and political structure has become. Even those who know the danger and consciously reject socialism necessarily live and breathe and engage in it every hour of every day. Well, as Catholics, because the Church has been so corrupted, we're all Modernists now. I see it all the time when people who consider themselves good Catholics, who obviously want to be as Catholic as they can manage, unconsciously hold some or all of the modernist, secularist Enlightenment and protestant assumptions that are considered "normal" in our culture.

Yep. Don't believe everything you think.

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